We provide services in accordance with the Accounting Law, the Croatian Financial Reporting Standards, the Law on Value Added Tax, Income Tax Act, Profit Tax Act and other rules that regulate accounting-financial operations in the Republic of Croatia and in accordance with the accounting policies of the client.

  • Organizing and managing businesses (Ltd., Inc.): register, main book, kuna’s and foreign exchange business, books of input and output accounts
  • Establishment and management of all business books and records of tradesman: book of incomes and expenditures, and the books of input and output accounts, the book of assets and liabilities
  • Structuring and managing records: long-term asset, financial and material accounting, balance of suppliers and customers, analytics for employees payments and employees tax card, control books of import and export and all other records
    • Calculation of Value Added Tax
    • Calculation of depreciation
    • Calculation of payments and benefits for employees with all needed reports
    • Calculation of benefits for transport to work, travel applications, field extras, benefits for holiday and other compensation expenses to employees
    • Calculation of work agreement, authoring honorarium and other incomes
    • Calculation of production at production companies
  • 3-monthly financial reports according to Croatian standards
  • Yearly financial reports according to Croatian standards
  • Completing forms and preparing other documents needed for bank credits
  • Drafting of special reports according to client’s needs
  • Investment consulting
  • Realization from the idea to the usage
  • Registration into the system of Investment promotion Act
  • Preparing and drafting of tax records, calculations, basic financial reports and yearly tax returns
  • Timely informing customers about changes related to the specifics of their business
  • Delivery of documents and forms to clients, banks, Tax Office, Financial Agency, Croatian institute for health insurance, Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and other institutions
  • Participation and assisting auditors when auditing the financial statements
  • Participation and assisting the tax authorities and other bodies in the supervisory procedure
  • Other business services towards client demands.

First place in definition of business of the company Mari takes quality of offered services provided from high educated and experienced employees on clients’ contentment. It is crucial work of all employees that with the professional access and commitment contributes to accomplishment of the requirements of each client. Optimal investment of energy and knowledge in solving any problem, regardless of the degree of demands, ensures high quality services.

In its more than 22 years long work, the company has with successful business acquired various skills and knowledge, as well as useful experience. Evidence of experience of employed staff, is the number of existing clients, as well as the scope of various tasks that the company performs. From each completed task and needs of each individual client, employees will receive a new, valuable experience for the successful solution of upcoming challenges. Effectiveness of employees with the expertise and commitment, contributes to a pleasant working environment and mutual coordinated staff.



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